Cultural Subversion

In his book ‘The American Covenant,’ historian and author, Marshall Foster, recounts a historic meeting that took place in a loft above Pecks Restaurant, in Manhattan,NY, on September 12, 1905. Upton Sinclair, Jack London, Thomas Wentworth Higginson, J.G. Phelps Stokes, and Charles Darrow (all prominent men) were gathered for the specific purpose of instituting the overthrow of the Christian world-view in the United States of America.

These men were all disciples and proponents of the teachings of Karl Marx, the founder of Communism. Through a method called gradualism, which they learned from the Roman general, Quintus Fabius Maximums, they would slowly infiltrate Marxist ideas onto college campuses, “by promoting an intelligent interest in socialism among college men and women.”

By the mid-1930’s their organization, called the League for Industrial Democracy had managed to establish 125 chapters, on college and university campuses, and John Dewey, the founder of progressive education, was the vice president.

Because of the efforts of this small group of men, and their strategic infiltration of our colleges and universities, we have seen the Christian world-view which founded and shaped our nation replaced by a secular philosophy which can be traced directly to the teachings of Marx.

We can clearly see that the cultural shift away from the absolutes of Christianity began to occur in the 1930s; however it wasn’t until the 1960’s that the full scope of this revolution began to take shape. By the 1960’s, college campuses became the breeding grounds for Marxist Socialism, and open rebellion against the absolutes of biblical Christianity.

Proponents of this era called it a revolution against the establishment, but in all reality, it was no more than a social declaration of war against the God of the Bible, and His authority. You see, the Bible is a book of moral absolutes. These moral absolutes foster social order, and give equal value to all human beings who are made in the image of their Creator. These absolutes teach us that freedom is gained by the restraint of our sinful debased appetites, not their gratification. The idea of moral absolutes stands in direct opposition to the communist anarchist movement of free love, free thinking, and the whole so-called freedom mantra that became the cry of the this new generation.

Socialist ideology gave birth to groups like Students for a Democratic Society, the Black Panthers, and the Yippies (all proponents of Marxist ideology). Organizations like these became the cultural terrorists of the era. Jerry Ruben, founder of the Yippies, and author of the book Do It, (which the publisher called “the Communist Manifesto of the era.”), called for kids to leave their homes, burn down their schools, and build a new society upon the ashes of the old.

By the end of the sixties it was obvious that the biblical world-view had for the most part been replaced on campuses by the Marxist humanist ideals of moral relativism. From that time forward, every impressionable student that entered a college or university in theU.S.would be exposed to the influence of Marxist ideology. Is it any wonder that college campuses and universities have become some of the greatest disseminators of anti-American propaganda, and socialist propaganda? While many of these same universities claim to be centers of free speech, and free thinking, they are openly hostile toward Christianity.

By the seventies we began to see the full effects of this new post-Christian era.  Teen pregnancies, violent crime, abortion, divorce, rampant alcohol and drug abuse, and every other form of social decay skyrocketed.Americasoon found itself going from moral template for the world to follow, to the leader and propagator of the moral decadence of a culture totally out of control.

The late Francis Schaeffer in his book ‘The Great Evangelical Disaster’ put it quite concisely. “We live in a society today where all things are relative and the final value is whatever makes the individual or society “happy” or feel good at the moment. Nothing is fixed; there are no final standards; only what makes one “happy” is dominant… The Bible is bent to the culture instead of the Bible judging our society and culture.”

Our founding fathers established this nation upon the ideals of biblical freedom. They believed that freedom brought with it the responsibility of people to govern themselves. They realized that no amount of law would ever be able to adequately restrain a society where the individual would not allow the moral absolutes of the Bible to control them. While Americahas not been perfect in our holding to these principles, we should ask ourselves, are we better off since abandoning them altogether?

The wicked will go down to the grave. This is the fate of all the nations who ignore God. (Psalms 9:17 NLT)


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  1. Pastortimflc,

    I found your post most interesting. However, I do have a few things I wished to bring up about it. While I do not always agree with socialism, it is not those ideals itself that lead to anti-christian sentiment. The idea of socialism and communism formed in Europe in reaction to the terrible conditions that the businesses in Europe of the day dominated governmental and social spheres. The working class was treated terribly, and in doing so, created a prompt reaction from intellectuals and human activists of the day. The ideals of socialism, the idea that everyone is treated equally and that everyone receives the same amount of goods etc. is not something that is bad in it of itself. Because the working class were powerless to maintain just lives, they formulated ideas where the government could intervene and save them from the destruction businesses has brought down on them. Just like the actual ideals of communism are not bad in them of themselves. However, it is the implementation of these Utopian ideals by imperfect, power-hungry individuals that lends itself to destruction.

    Also, the anti-Christian sentiment sometimes prevalent in these ideas is sometimes warranted (though misguided). Religion and religious fervor have been manipulated throughout all of human history to commit grand atrocities, such as the Spanish Inquisition, the Crusades, genocide, wars, torture, theft, robbery, rape, and so on. It is a most unstable element of human existence. Now is actual, true love of God and Christ and Christianity bad? No, it does not. Unfortunately, we are not always good examples for Christ here on earth. Even Gandhi once said, “I would believe in Christ, if it were not for those who say they are Christians.” Therefore, I say that it is misguided, as these people do not understand the real love behind our Lord Jesus Christ and His real Gospel. These people were out to create Utopias, and religion often seems to even I as something unstable and easily manipulated. This is the reason our Founding Fathers wanted a separation of church and state. They knew that if religion was mixed with the necessary evil of government, that both religion and governmental would become uncontrollable monstrosities. Examples of such being the protestant/catholic purges in Europe. I think that the idea behind this sentiment is not necessarily evil, but it is definitely misguided, incorrect, and something I do not agree with in any regard.

    I would also like to point out that you list many -extremist- socialistic groups. However, I could list a variety of conservative groups of the same vein, that wish to cause harm to others. The Neo-nazis belong to such a spectrum (ie the far right). I would also like to point out that while many rates seem to be skyrocketing, I believe much of it might be simply because we now have better methods of finding the truth of trends in culture. Before our time, many people were married and stayed married. That might seem like a plus, until you learn that it was normal for the husbands to have several mistresses. Alcohol consumption was definitely much worse at the founding of our country, despite being founded on Biblical principles. In fact, most men started their day with a sort of beer stew. Drunkards were normal in state and national assemblies. More people smoked at those times as well. The thing about saying we have a declining culture is the fact that a culture is made up of people. Like people, a culture deals with the same problems different ways at different times. Instead of infidelity in marriages and smoking tobacco all the time, we now deal with teen mothers and illicit drugs. Cultures always deal with the same problems, the problems themselves are just shown differently. At least, this has been the opinion I have formulated as I have learned a great deal about human history and culture. Ah, how does Ecclesiastes put it, “There’s nothing new under the sun” ? I think that sums up my point well.

    Just thought I’d give some input on your post. It may not seem like it, but I did enjoy it and found it most thought provoking. Thank you for writing it, and for the thoughts that you bring.

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