Barack Obama’s Great Entitlement Society or the Redistribution of Wealth?

The worst president in U.S. history!


4 thoughts on “Barack Obama’s Great Entitlement Society or the Redistribution of Wealth?

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  1. Again, Racism is being masked falsely as Patriotism. There are no Millions of Americas, just millions of racists, bigoted, extremist black-haters. There are NO Patriots, just racists, and that fits all these comments to a “T”

    The gap has not been the result of Dems. The greed train really start to gain traction with Reaganomics or voodoo economics as Ross Perot use to call it.

    Consistent with the fact that every thing truthee says is incorrect, it should be noted that it was not Ross Perot who used the term “voodoo economics”, it was George HW Bush – running against Reagan for the nomination and prior to beibg selected as VP. Ross Perot had no argument with Reagan – but he did have a persona dislike of George HWl

    I admit Americans are suffering, but that’s their own fault. I’m possibly the only umeployment American NOT blaming my plights on the black man in office like ALL the racists are!

    I’m so freaking sick of rightwingers hurling disgusting insults at Michelle Obama, and I’m freaking sick of rightwingers calling themselves Patriots, when in fact they are raists. Pure and Simple.

    Well no, Romney missed out the part of Obama’s statement the “that” pronoun referred to. He was saying business owners didn’t build roads and bridges, not that they didn’t build their businesses. It was a clumsy speech but do people ACTUALLY think Obama’s point was to say people didn’t build their own businesses? Why would he and his team put that in a speech? They want people to vote for him! Of course you can’t believe he said that, it would be INSANE. HE DIDN’T. This “debate” is depressing.

    You people are lying. You didn’t listen to Obama’s statement, just the head racist Limbaugh’s ignorant and racist mockery of Obama.

    Where’s the indignation when Romney canvasses the country painting Obama as the biggest government spender of all time? Fact check, Bush’s federal government rate of spending growth first term, 7.3 percent, second term, 8.1 percent. Contrast Obama at 3.4 percent. Where is the outrage when the right (read Republicans) spreads untruths about Obama’s birthplace, paints Obama and Michelle as radical Islamists bent on destroying America, and of course the Hitler talk, blackface, monkey, really trashy stuff.

    I forgot, you’re all racists and will do and say whatever it takes to get the black man out of office!

    And it’s also untrue — as claimed in a graphic widely circulated by email and in social media postings — that the debt has increased more under Obama than under all previous 43 presidents combined. In fact, as of Jan. 31, 2012, the rise under Obama had yet to surpass the rise under his predecessor, George W. Bush.

    The figures in that graphic are pure fabrications, as anyone can easily confirm by plugging Obama’s inauguration date — Jan. 20, 2009 — in the Treasury Department’s handy “debt to the penny” website. That shows the nation’s total debt stood at $10.6 trillion on the day Obama took office (not $6.3 trillion), and it had increased to nearly $15.4 trillion by the end of January 2012 — a rise of more than $4.7 trillion in just over three years (not $6.5 trillion).

    How is Obama a disgrace to America? Because you don’t agree with the President? I was right. Obama-haters ARE racists. NO doubt about it!

    He’s Not a Marxist/Socialist. You slimeballs must admit once an d for all. You hate black people in office. It’s as obvious as day!

    1. Question man: It is not the color of our president’s skin that I object to, but rather his far left, anti-American ideologies.

      Let’s face it, if Barak Obama were a concervative black man the far left liberal media would have torn him to pieces, and we would not even be having this conversation because he would have never stood a chance of becoming president!

      Remember that white people as well as black folk elected this president, so it’s time to put the “you’re a racist to rest.”

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