Sodomy In America


Marriage between a man and woman stands as the  foundation of all civilization. Abolish this institution and you destroy the very fabric of society itself.

If we do not begin to  engage our culture, by entering the public forum armed with the truth, the very survival of our nation stands in jeopardy.  No longer can we fold our hands and vainly imagine that it will all work out in the end.

Destroy the moral foundation upon which our country was established, and it will mark the beginning of the end of our nation as we have known it.

Gay activists have a very serious and clear objective, and are using Hollywood, the liberal media, and activist judges to propagate their agenda.  Regrettably, they are succeeding in convincing the general public that homosexuality is as normal as baseball and apple pie.  For example, the majority of today’s youth believe that homosexuals are simply born that way.

Now I realize that whenever dissent is raised against this life style one stands the risk of being labeled a bigot, or homophobic.  This of course is a great way to silence opposition in any argument.

I do not hate homosexuals, nor do they intimidate me. I believe they can find freedom through Jesus Christ, and I am thankful that many are.

Contrary to popular opinion, people are not born gay. Every legitimate study has proven that sexual orientation is a learned behavior.  An individual struggling with his or her sexual orientation does not validate homosexuality.

Thousands of Americans struggle with numerous addictions such as alcohol, and gambling abuse.  Should we tell these people that they were born with these addictions, and as such should embrace this life style?

Gay marriage is not a civil rights issue! The defiance of the laws that discriminated against the black community during the 60s is entirely different than the gay rights issue.

An individual’s race is a matter of birth, while sexual orientation is not.

If the courts legalize gay marriage, it will then be discriminatory to refuse to hire a person on the basis of sexual orientation. Churches and other organizations will be forced to hire gays or be charged with discrimination.

Gay education will be required curriculum in our public schools, from K through 12th grade, and history books will be rewritten to feature the contributions of gay men and women.

Allow the definition of marriage to be changed to include gays, and a precedent will be set. Every other fringe group in the country will line up to get their place in line.

Who would have ever imagined 100 years ago that we would even be seriously considering such a thing as gay marriage?



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    1. Hi Daniel,

      i do not hate homosexuals either. However the homosexual activists in this country have a very clear objective, that should not simply be winked at.

      The very idea that we should not object to something sinful that is being portrayed as normal should trouble anyone.

      1. Dissent is part of the process of forming a civilized society. What we have going on concerning the whole gay issue is the condemnation of anyone who dares to disagree with the gay life style.

        I do not hate gays, and in fact have had several friends who are gay. However, I disagree with this practice because of moral convictions. What the gay community is telling us is that we have no right to object, because their morality trumps ours.

  1. I really appreciate this article. We need more truth coming from people like bloggers, since the recent Chick-fil-A issue has been so widespread as “discrimination”.


  2. Pastor Tim(?),
    You say that you do not hate gay individuals, but then here you say

    “If the courts legalize gay marriage, it will then be discriminatory to refuse to hire a person on the basis of sexual orientation.”

    I’m sorry, but as a Christian, I don’t think it my right in this country or my duty to not hire those I believe are in sin. And to be fair, if you don’t think Christian owners of secular businesses should fire gay individuals without so much as a cry for fairness, then what about Muslims? Atheists? They’re just as sinful and not saved as gay individuals, yet I do not see any articles by you saying Christian business owners should fire all non-Christian employees, just gay ones. This is targeted call for unfair treatment, which I have never and will never see as love.

    Secondly you state that soon churches wouldn’t be able to fire gay individuals (ie forced to hire them). This is so false. When and if those protections came around, churches would no more be required to hire a gay person than a Muslim person or an atheist person or a woman pastor. Strictly religious entities are exempt from those rules, and nothing is going to change that.

    I am not saying that you hate gay individuals, and yes there are plenty of mean people on the pro-gay side of things too. But I just wanted to let you know the opinions you hold, in the way that you hold them, are opinions of uneven treatment. Treatment that you don’t even hold equally across all groups in the same category (“Sinners”). When you treat a group like this, without holding the rest in the same category to the same standard, I must say that it does not come across as love, and I hope that you can take this constructive criticism to perhaps look at your own views and how to perhaps fix this problem.

    Thanks for your time

    1. Mindswithoutfear: If gay marriage is legalized, and then comes under the same protection as the race laws, then all organizations that refuse to hire gays to work in their ministries, etc. will be considered in violation of the law.

      The idea that gay activists will stop at the doors of churches and other organizations is simply not true. Just take a look at what the Boy Scouts have had to endure from the radical gay community. I will guarantee that gay activists will drag churches, Christian Schools, and Christian Day Cares into courts by the droves to try to force them to hire gays.

      As a pastor I am not going to hire an openly gay individual to work in my church, or Christian school, any more than I would hire a heterosexual person who was living with their boyfriend, or girl friend apart from marriage.

      I am not sure why any Christian organization would hire a Muslim, or any individual either, since their beliefs are in direct conflict with their mission statement. I certainly would not expect a Muslim religious organization to hire me as an openly Christian.

      I am referring to ministry, not necessarily a non ministry business. As a business owner this is an entirely different matter than a ministry. I think you are mixing apples and oranges, while I am specifically referring to ministries. Religious organizations should not come under the same laws as businesses that are not run by religious organizations.

      Unfortunately, gay activists are already dragging ministries and individuals into court. I can only imagine what will happen should gay marriage be legalized.

      Thanks for your comments.

      1. Pastor,
        I’m sorry, but I feel like you misunderstood much of my last comment.

        First off, you say that you were only referring to churches when you said “If the courts legalize gay marriage, it will then be discriminatory to refuse to hire a person on the basis of sexual orientation.”, you appear to only care about religious organizations. However, in this context, you made it seem as if it was a bad thing that any/all businesses would have to follow this rule, not just religious organizations. Hence, I thought you were talking about it also being bad for secular businesses, which really have no right to fire people on religious grounds in the first place. I just thought I’d give what that paragraph spoke to me, because I know that I might not be the only one who feels that way about that paragraph.

        Secondly, the Boy Scouts. See, I myself am torn on the Boy Scouts. However, I think that people have a right to protest and try to get them to change their policy, and here’s why: They’re protected by congressional charter. Basically, the Boy Scouts have a monopoly on boys scouting clubs in America. Groups that “copy” the Boy Scouts in any way tend to be sued by the BSA, and then dissolved or absorbed. Secondly, because they’re so widely known, the honors and doors it opens are only available for a segment of society, but there isn’t even an equal alternative available for gay or atheist individuals. At the same time, it is a private institution, so I go back and forth on the issue. However, I think that the BSA needs to let go of its monopoly if it wants to keep such a policy. It’s just not fair.

        “I don’t know why I would hire a Muslim individual” Yes, exactly. And guess what, despite the current Civil Rights Act mandating that no business can discriminate against religious beliefs, the government will not force a church to hire a Muslim man. This is because, due to the first Amendment, you have the freedom not to! And while you don’t think that “gay activists” will stop at churches, I ask you to go look at more mainstream wants from gay people. They don’t really care about churches, as long as they can live their lives without being interfered with by a religious organization that they do not share beliefs with. In this sense, they’re somewhat like the protestants that left Europe for America. To judge the gay community by what a few activists may attempt (I don’t believe they’ll be legally successful if they try to force churches to hire them. Though, if a church is not willing to hire you, I don’t know why I would want to work there in the first place. Once I got in, everyone would make my life difficult and really frustrating from what I can assume.) But to judge the entire community by the least logical and most radical would be like saying that all Christians are trying to put gays in concentration camps. Of course they aren’t, and while the whole concentration camp thing is something to watch out for, I don’t use it as a rallying cry against fundamentalist Christianity.

        “Mixing apples and oranges”. Well you see, I wasn’t really. That first sentence did not contain the words “ministry” “churches” or “religious organizations”, yet in context it did contain a negative connotation. Though, I thank you for clarifying what you really did mean. I personally hope that you’d be able to express that difference by supporting bills that make it illegal for -secular- businesses to refuse to hire gay individuals. These bills do exist, and I believe that really these bills shouldn’t be a part of this whole debate. Firing someone for being gay is not conductive to the debate, nor is it treating those people fair. We can debate marriage, but that is monumentally different than debating whether or not these people should be able to work in safety.

        Now that I have replied to your comment, allow me to make a few more comments of my own:
        “Gay education will be required curriculum in our public schools, from K through 12th grade, and history books will be rewritten to feature the contributions of gay men and women.”

        I am still wondering what is bad about this. If it is because they lead a sinful lifestyle, then shouldn’t we only teach about Christians in history? Yet we teach about Muslims, Atheists, and people of all sorts of beliefs in school, no outcry from the Christian groups. Additionally, just because you do not like gay people or being gay does not mean that those people were not. I’m sorry that this is not in your liking, but you cannot rewrite history. Secondly, I think that you, along with many Christians, are wrongly against this. So far, no bill has ever mandated education below middle school. Additionally, Kinder-gardeners do not really learn all that much history, it would be difficult to tell them anything about gay individuals in history. One must also then realize that teaching about a gay individual does not require having sex-ed. The lesbian couple that raised a daughter in my first grade class was explained by my parents thusly, “Sometimes two girls or two guys like each other.” And then they went off to say how they thought it wasn’t great, but that’s beside the point. The big point is that I didn’t have to learn anything appropriate. I just learned a fact about people in my world, like what I would learn if I asked why a man was wearing a Iman’s garb.

        Every legitimate study has proven that sexual orientation is a learned behavior. An individual struggling with his or her sexual orientation does not validate homosexuality.

        False. First off, no legitimate scientist has every claimed some sort of “gay gene”. What they have been looking out for is how biologically -influenced- homosexuality is. You see, very few (ie almost none) of the traits us humans have are defined only by our biology or genetic makeup. Most of them are a combination of nature and nurture. This being said, very legitimate studies of identical twins has shown that sexual orientation shared between identical twins vs fraternal twins, when at least one of the two was gay/lesbian/bi was roughly (for identical twins) 40% to 10% (for fraternal). That 30% leap is what scientists call a “biological influence” in the characteristic. So yes, there is no study that says there some sort of biological switch. But to say that every study shows that it is completely -not- biological is overstepping the evidence a great deal. I would ask you to perhaps not overlook the possibility of there being biological influences in homosexuality.


      2. Dear Mindswithoutfear: Thanks for your reply. While we disagree, I really appreciate your courtesy, and thought provoking responses.

        My apologies for not being clearer about my specifications about religious vs. secular organizations.

        I would like to clarify a few things. First of all I do not dislike gay people at all. I completely disagree with the gay lifestyle, and have a real issue with the misrepresentation of the gay community by the media. However I have nothing against people as individuals. I simply believe they are deceived, and sexually confused.

        I believe your assumptions about gay activists are a bit naïve. Many of these groups are so hostile, and radical that they will stop at nothing until everyone bows to their agenda. These groups use the media to viciously attack anyone who so much as dares to say anything against the gay lifestyle. Just look at what happens whenever an athlete, politician, or celebrity speaks up against homosexuality.

        I will guarantee that these groups will make sure that gays are applying at churches just so they can sue them, and if you think the first amendment will protect churches, and other ministries I believe you are also naïve as to what is already happening. As long as we have far left judges, and this current administration running things no one will be able to rely upon the constitution to protect people from the legal system.

        My real problem with the gay community has very little to do with nice people who just happen to be gay, and want to go about their lives. These are not really the main problem, simply because they are not really the ones driving the gay agenda.

        My problem is with the radical arm of the gay community. I would liken this to Muslims. Most Muslims are good folks who have no intention on harming anyone, yet then there are those who are fundamentalist radicals who would gladly cut your throat if given the opportunity. These are the ones I have a problem with.

        The radical gay rights groups are the people who are driving the gay agenda, and they will stop at nothing until everyone just accepts the gay lifestyle as something that is as normal as baseball, mom, and apple pie.

        Concerning public schools. I have no problem about teaching about what people of all backgrounds have contributed to society, so long as this is not some type of specialized focus upon the fact that they are gay. In my estimation U.S. History has been so distorted in recent years, and so gutted of the true events of our history that I have no expectations that any child in public schools will receive a legitimate educations about our history, period.

        I am sorry but I simply do not agree with the notion that people are born gay. I realize that people struggle with their sexual orientation, however I believe that this is a result of the disintegration of the traditional family. I believe that men and women who are gay lack the proper relationship with their parents, or male and female role models to bring them security.

        I realize that we have had this discussion concerning the Bible, and what it teaches on the subject, but I do not believe that God created people as gay individuals. As a straight man I look at the gay behavior as completely distorted. The fact that men often act like women, and women often act like men is simply anything but normal. These are people who are confused, and deceived about who they are, and who God created them to be.

        I realize that this is not the message that the gay community really wants to hear, and that it is not the popular notion of our society, but this is where I stand.

        Pastor Tim

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