Don’t Let Gay Activist Bullies Intimidate You


“Gay activists like to bully people into silence through intimidation.”

Gay Bullies: Gay activists have a very serious and clear objective and are using Hollywood, the liberal media, along with activist judges to propagate their agenda. Regrettably, they are succeeding in convincing the general public that homosexuality is as normal as baseball and apple pie. For example, many of today’s youth believe that homosexuals are simply born that way.

Let me make a distinction between the average gay person and the radical gay activist before I continue. Most gay people are not radicalized. They are family members or friends who have been oriented into being convinced that they are gay. These folks are not who I am referring to in this post.

Now I realize that whenever dissent is raised against this lifestyle one stands the risk of being labeled a homophobic bigot. This of course is a great way to silence opposition in any argument. I do not hate homosexuals, nor do they intimidate me. Gay activists like to bully people into silence through intimidation. They are not interested any type of civil discourse, because in their minds anything short of complete and utter endorsement of the gay lifestyle and agenda is unacceptable. To object to gay marriage will bring forth a full frontal assault complete with every sort of foul accusation and cursing. Their goal is to silence any and all dissent.

Contrary to popular opinion, people are not born gay. Every legitimate study has proven that sexual orientation is a learned behavior. An individual struggling with his or her sexual orientation does not validate homosexuality. Thousands of Americans struggle with numerous addictions such as alcohol, and gambling abuse. Should we tell these people that they were born with these addictions, and as such should embrace this life style?

Civil Rights Issue:Gay marriage is not a civil rights issue! The defiance of the laws that discriminated against the black community during the 60s is entirely different than the gay rights issue. An individual’s race is a matter of birth, while sexual orientation is not. Gays do not suffer any type of the atrocities that were perpetrated upon black people. They are not banned from any public places. They are not denied equal access to events or public places. They are not unjustly arrested or persecuted in any way.

Judicial Tyranny: Gay activists cannot get their agenda through the legislative process because people do not want marriage redefined to include gays. In every state where gay marriage has been put to a public referendum the people have overwhelmingly rejected it. As a result gay activists have resorted in using the courts as a bully pulpit in order to force this agenda upon the populace. This is nothing more than a form of judicial tyranny. By the courts legalizing gay marriage, it then becomes discriminatory to refuse to hire a person on the basis of sexual orientation. Churches and other organizations will be forced to hire gays or be charged with discrimination. Gay education will be required curriculum in our public schools, from K through 12th grade, and history books will be rewritten to feature the contributions of gay men and women. Allow the definition of marriage to be changed to include gays and a precedent will be set. Every other fringe group in the country will line up to get their place in line.

Intimidation: Don’t be intimidated by these gay activist bullies. Don’t be concerned when they attack you or try to silence your dissent, because this is what they want. People must raise a louder voice of objection if we are going to push this ungodly agenda back.

Who would have ever imagined 100 years ago that we would even be seriously considering such a thing as gay marriage?



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