28 Reasons Every Liberal NEEDS to Talk to Most Of Their Conservative Friends And Family Members

Looney Toons

Reponse by Timothy Jerry

I saw this post on Facebook by Tiffany Willis and thought it really needed a reasonable response. The original title was ‘28 Reasons I’m DONE Talking To Most Of My Conservative Friends And Family Members’

1. You (conservatives) support revisionist history.

Because it’s HISTORY. You don’t get to just rewrite history books if it’s unpleasant. What are you thinking? Shall we rewrite the Revolutionary War? “A minor disagreement with Great Britain.” How about the bombing of Pearl Harbor? “A spat with the Japanese.”

(My Response) Liberals do the exact same thing. The only difference is that liberals love to focus on all the evils of America and demonize us, while refusing to even make mention of any of the good we have done. Liberals also refuse to even acknowledge the atrocities of other countries.

2. You cite Jesus as your reasoning for rejecting marriage equality.

Yet the Bible only mentions homosexuality six times. Six. Times. 6. This many:

So why is this one of the biggest issues on your agenda? Why are you putting so much energy and hate into an issue that clearly wasn’t one of God’s major concerns? (My Response) What you call hate we call truth. You simply hate the fact that anyone opposes gay marriage.

As Christians who are pro-family, why would you deny people the right to the sanctity of marriage? If marriage strengthens families, why would you not want everyone to have this, even if you disagree with their choice of mate? (My Response) Homosexuality is completely contrary to the biblical definition of family.

YOU (we) have destroyed the sanctity of marriage. There is no possible way that gay marriage can do more harm to marriage than heterosexuals have done. Yet we seldom hear a sermon bemoaning the divorce rate or people living together before marriage. Why is that? Because the pews would be empty.

As a pastor I have spoken often about the destructive nature of divorce, as well as the absolutely devastating consequences of extra-marital sex between heterosexuals. Homosexuality is at its’ very core contrary to nature and until recent years has been obvious to any rational person. I wonder if you would be as adamant in your support of polygamy.

3. You use Biblical scripture to excuse yourself from feeding the hungry.

There is nothing you do that makes me more disgusted with you than your abuse and misuse of 2 Thessalonians 3:10.

For even when we were with you, this we commanded you, If any will not work, neither let him eat. 2 Thessalonians 3:10

You are deliberately taking the scripture — ONE VERSE! — out of context when you use them to justify your own hatred of poor people. And again, you’re showing your ignorance.

From Liberal America reader Eric Susee: “2 Thessalonians 3:10. are NOT the words of Christ. They are the words of Paul of Tarsus, a man who never met Christ.”

Biblical scholars have pointed out that the author of 2 Thessalonians was referring to Christians who stopped working in anticipation of Christ’s return.

(My Response) Liberals love to talk about feeding the poor and social programs because they see Socialism as the answer to all the world’s ills. Yet Communism and Socialism have been a disaster in every nation they have been put in place. Look at Greece and their financial meltdown as a result of Socialism.

Fact: Conservative Christians give far more to charities than liberals do. Christian relief organizations feed millions of people all over the world.

4. You lie when you say you value “freedom of religion.”

I had lunch with some conservatives a while back, and the topic of freedom of religion came up. They expressed concern at the “war on Christianity.” I cited a recent event that had occurred in which protesters interrupted the U.S. Senate’s first Hindu-led prayer. The response from my fellow diners? “Good.”

I don’t know how educated people can be so ignorant. Seriously. You can’t even see your own contradictions.

(My Response) This is a prime example of liberal’s lack of historic understanding. Tiffany America was founded upon the Judeo-Christian faith and our founders went to great length to protect such faith. It’s amazing how liberals have absolutely no problem in attacking Christianity yet defend every other religion.

We see lawsuit after lawsuit to force communities to remove any Christian expression all in the name of separation of Church and state. Yet notice how Tiffany is more than ready to defend other religions.

5. You claim God speaks to you and tells you to do things.

Over and over and over, we see right wing nutjobs in the news saying they’re doing this horrible thing or that horrible thing because God told them to. This is, to quote the Christian Courier, “a very convenient method of authenticating what you want to do.”

He does NOT do that.

God, having of old time spoken unto the fathers in the prophets by divers portions and in divers manners, hath at the end of these days spoken unto us in his Son. Hebrews 1:1

But conservatives believe these nuts. Here is what I think: not only should sensible conservatives not believe these nuts, you need to start speaking out against them. These are the false prophets that the Bible warns us about, in my humble opinion. Most of you lack the courage to take a stand against these idiots even when you know they’re nuts.

(My Response) Here again Tiffany reveals her anti-Christian bigotry. There are very few incidents where supposed conservative Christians have done such things when compared to the daily occurrences of radical Muslims who butcher people in the name of their god. Yet the left does not attack Islam because they would have to admit that Christianity is a shining star in comparison, and this would be too much for them to swallow.

By the way nearly every mass shooting in the United states in recent years has been carried out by liberal atheist nut jobs, not conservative Christians.

6. You question my faith.

“Christian Left is an oxymoron.”

Oh my, I’ve heard that so much from the right, and believe it or not, I often hear it from my “friends.” First of all, your questioning of my faith genuinely means very little to me. What it does is destroy my opinion of you; I now view you as self-righteous hypocrites.

Recently, I found out that a woman from my church questioned her teen son for spending time here at my home with my children. I believe her words were “why would you want to be around someone so liberal.” I’ve never had a conversation with this lady. We’ve never even made eye contact. But alas, her comment (and more that she said) has forced me to now see her differently.

Keep questioning my faith, though, my people, because you can be sure I’m questioning yours. One thing I won’t do, however, is accuse you of not being a believer as you do me. What I will suggest to you is that my faith may be stronger than yours. I’ve educated myself, dared to question all things, and STILL believe. Most of you are too afraid to even learn. It may, after all, test your faith.

I’ll pray for you!

(My Response) Modern liberals tend to see the world from a Postmodern view point. They do not respect to the authority of the Bible and imagine that their opinion, or social norms are equal to the teachings of Scripture. Tiffany has already made it very clear that she does not respect the clear teachings of Scripture in matters that she doesn’t agree with.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with questioning the genuineness of someone’s faith. 1 John, chapters 1-3 gives us an entire litany of what to look for in those who are Christians and those who are not.

7. You care more about your guns than you do about children.

After the Sandy Hook massacre, and following other similar tragedies, I asked many of you if you loved your guns more than you do children. I made the statement of “I’d give up my gun forever if it would bring back even one of those children.”

I asked you if you’d do the same. You admitted that you would not.

(My Response) Liberals live in a delusional world that imagines that if we just took away everyone’s guns the world would be a much safer place. Again the young man who killed all of those kids was not a conservative bible thumper, but a product of modern liberal ideology.

Do you honestly think that it is law abiding gun carrying people that are killing people or are responsible for the deaths of the people in this country? Just take a look at countries that have disarmed their citizens and see the horrific consequence.

8. You get excited about people dying.

You really, really like to see death. And not just to terrorists. You love the death penalty. You love war. You love seeing kids like Trayvon Martin being shot. They deserve it, you say. But his murderer has shown — again and again — since his acquittal that he is a dangerous person.

(My Response) This is just too ignorant to even comment on. This is the idiotic rhetoric of the liberal mind!

9. You assume that everyone who needs help are losers and parasites who refuse to work.

Approximately 47 million people receive food stamps, and most of them are children or the elderly, in addition to people who are employed. The numbers, from a 2012 USDA report:

  • 45 percent of SNAP recipients are under 18 years of age
  • Nine percent are age 60 or older
  • More than 40 percent live in households with earnings

(My Response) Liberals think that the government should take from those who have and give it to those who have not. While we certainly need to take care of those in need, just exactly how much better off are we since this social hand out program began? The government is ill equipped to run social programs.

If we took all the money that the government wastes and put it in the hands of charitable organizations like the Salvation Army poor people would be much better served.

10. You weren’t concerned about uninsured people– including me.

Most of you know that when I made the decision to become self-employed that I would be giving up my employer subsidized health insurance. I’m 47 years old, and like most people my age, have at one time or another had preexisting conditions that would cause insurance companies to deny me a private policy.

I didn’t want a free ride. I was eager to pay for my own insurance. Obamacare opened that door for me and millions of other hard-working Americans and disallows insurance companies from rejecting millions of Americans who were previously rejected. But without even knowing fully what the Affordable Care Act is, you chose the path of ignorance. You didn’t care.

(My Response) Here again liberals imagine that the resources of our government are unlimited. You actually want the same government that constantly is bogged down in political gridlock and red tape to run health care? Obamacare is designed to make more people dependant upon the government so that liberal Democrats can use it as a political leverage point to stay in power.

11. The Creation Museum — that is all.

You think this is OK. It’s not. These people just make stuff up. Do you really think kangaroos floated from Africa to Australia on rafts? Why are you condoning this ignorance?

(My Response) Here again is typical liberal stupidity. You imagine that evolution is an unquestionable theory, yet cannot give a single example of one species evolving into another species because it never happened. Evolution defined: ‘From absolutely nothing, everything came into existence, without any apparent cause other than by chance.’ And we are the ones who are crazy for believing that God created it all?!

12. You’re liberal in youth, yet grow conservative in age.

I call this the Dead Peter Syndrome in men and/or the Formerly Hot Syndrome in women.

A couple of years ago, a man confronted me on Facebook about my liberalism. I knew him when I was growing up; he was a friend of my parents and his children were my playmates. He called me a stupid, misguided, amoral, liberal. Yes, those were his words. I had one question for him:

“When I was a little girl, didn’t I sit on your lap while you smoked a joint and drank beer?”

I’m afraid I burned the bridge of that friendship — and good riddance.

Similarly, many women who embraced the sexual revolution are now taking a stance against women’s rights and suggesting that I’m killing babies with my IUD.

You don’t get to live it up as a young person and then try to take a moral high ground when you get old and aren’t interested in living anymore.

(My Response) Obviously many who grew up in Christian homes have abandoned their faith for liberal ideology.

13. You don’t want people who disagree with you to vote.

Oh, Gerrymandering, you ugly devil, you. But do we question why this is so common and seldom questioned by people on the right? It’s because you, my conservative voter loved ones, agree with it. You think it’s perfectly acceptable (and necessary) to suppress the vote. It’s for the “good of the nation.”

I once heard someone tell his wife to not inform her Democratic friend how and where to vote. “She’ll cancel out your vote.”

There you have it.

(My Response) Please!!! We don’t want people who are not citizens to vote. The only reason liberals oppose voter ID laws is because they regularly round people up, buy them a burger, put them on a bus and haul them off to vote for the candidate they tell them to vote for.

An uninformed ignorant vote is just as bad as not voting at all and liberals are by far the majority of this camp.

Conclusion: Liberals as a general rule just don’t like to engage people who disagree with them. They also don’t like people who oppose their agenda to be given a public platform

They regularly use tactics to marginalize those who oppose their views, as you can clearly see in Tiffany’s post.

“So why is this one of the biggest issues on your agenda? Why are you putting so much energy and hate into an issue that clearly wasn’t one of God’s major concerns?”

Why are you condoning this ignorance?”

“You really, really like to see death. And not just to terrorists. You love the death penalty. You love war. You love seeing kids like Trayvon Martin being shot.”

Over and over and over, we see right wing nutjobs in the news saying they’re doing this horrible thing or that horrible thing because God told them to.

Liberals regularly build straw men arguments to knock them down and try to prove their point.

While as a conservative Christian I find it very frustrating speaking with many liberals I have absolutely no problem in having a rational conversation. I think there are many things regarding injustice and helping the needy that we actually agree on. We may differ in our solutions, but I think we can find more common ground if we try.

Tiffany, like many seems to want only those people around her who agree with her particular point of view, but if the blind lead the blind won’t they both fall into the ditch?


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